Spring 2021   

EXTRA CREDIT Assignments:

Students may choose to complete a one-time Extra Credit assignment by attending an event/workshop/guest speaker, etc. with topics relating to Family Relationships. Paper should be typed, double-spaced, minimum 1  page reflection describing your enhanced perspective or "takeaway" of content and/or discussion. Be specific with your interpretation by giving examples, andor supporting references. Final due date for all EC is 04/22/21.  Maximum points = 15.  

*** Bucket Filling Project - See Instructor for details


*** Science Colloquium Spring 2021 Lecture Series - Free  

*** Civic Engagement Project's Spring 2021 Film/Lecture Series - Free

*** MJC's Health Services "Healthy Living" Series - Spring 2021 - Free  

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Required Textbook:


ISBN-13: 978-1506340968
ISBN-10: 1506340962









LECTURE NOTES -  Marriages & Families in the 21st Century; A Bioecological Approach 

Chap 1: The Changing American Family                                                                           Chap 2: How We Study the Family

Chap  3: Sex and Gender

Chap 4: Sexualities

Chap 5: Dating and Mate Selection

Chap 6: Love

Chap 7: Marriages and Committed Partnerships

Chap 8: Living Single

Chap 9: Reproduction and Parenting

Chap 10: The Economy of Working Families

Chap 11: Families in Crisis

Chap 12:  Divorce and Remarriage

Chap 13: Growing Older in Families

Chap 14: The Evolution of Families in the 21st Century




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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." William Butler Yeats


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Class & Poverty in the U.S./Multicultural Education and the Internet