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SUMMER 2018 

FAMLF 131 (Click here to go to the Syllabus and Course page)

** Sect #1310:  Tues, Thurs, 8:45 - 11:10 am, MUIR 155 (West)                                                 May 8 - July 12                                                  



WEEK 3: May 22, 24

*** For 5/24: Genogram assignment due; please do NOT show up to class without your genogram.  You will not be dropped, but you will not be given credit for attendance.

*** Read through Chap. 4: "Gender Convergence", paying attention to the terms, and to the concept of the role of the "Xanith of Oman".  Review Power Point as well.  There may be a pop quiz.

*** Due 5/24: Here is perspective assignment for "Love Attitude Scale" . Respond to the questions in half-page written/typed submission. 1) Provide your score (do not submit entire 30 question response sheet). 2) do you agree with your score and Love attitude (romantic or realist?) Explain why or why not, by giving examples of your beliefs or attitudes, and where did they come from? 3) Find a reference in the chapter, either author or theory or study, etc. that supports your way of thinking...cite the reference by name. 

* * * "Sunshine" documentary written exercise: Share your perspective in a typed 1/2 page, single spaced, or 3/4 page hand-written in ink, responding to these two questions: 1) What did you learn, or what enhanced your paradigm of "family", from Karen's story?  Explain with a contrasting example, or one of comparison to make your point. 2) Which character, event, or perhaps an interview question that you heard resonated with you? That is, who or what "struck a nerve" and made you take notice or who or what incited some deep curiosities?  Again, explain with an example to make your point. (5 points)     * * * Make your observations in first person language, without judgment or criticism.  This exercise is about recognizing both the continuity and uniqueness of families, and how we learn from our family of  origin as well as from other families.  *Students who follow through with the criteria stated above will gain EC of 3 points.

Here is link to "Sunshine" video:  Click on "Family Life"; next screen: passcode is FAMLF (all caps).  (This is "TV" version; only 1:12 min. in length). 

* Read over Chap. 3: "American Ways of Love", paying special attention to these concepts: "The Wheel Theory of Development of Love" (Reiss), "The Triangle of Love theory (Sternberg), Romantic Love, The Double Cross, Appreciation and Respect, Jealousy, and the example of "the culture that prescribes the cues that trigger jealousy": the watering well scenario. 

* Review chapter 3 Power Point (see link at top of next page), for review of terms and concepts of love, friendship, :   

*** Genogram Assignment here: Due 5/24. 10 points; Discussion, 5 points.  Here are two links:  Genogram charts, symbols, etc.  Two Genogram Samples.

*There will be short session of 20 min. granted for students to work on their genograms. Students who bring in their "genograms-in-progress" and complete during working session can gain EC of 3 points. 

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 The Wisdom of Fred Rogers...

"There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth".                                                    


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Welcome to FAMILY LIFE 131! 










Professor Karen Wells with Mom, son and two granddaughters; photo taken June 2004, 5 months before her Mom died.

What is Family? What is a generation? What is your family of origin? Of procreation? Does everyone have a family?  And who gets to tell the story of the family?  There is a great quote that may be anonymous, but Sesame Street of PBS thrives with these words: "A child's story is yet to be told".

The Family Life 131 course embraces the paradigm of the family "story", its identification and composition, and its evolving structure in today's American society. MJC's Family & Consumer Science Division and Professor Wells invite the students to participate with a willingness to look closely at other perspectives while giving credence to their own experiential knowledge of the family story. It is hoped to be a most worthwhile learning endeavor here at MJC.  Welcome!