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SPRING 2017: 

FAMLF 131 (Click here to go to the syllabus and course page)
** Sect #4379:  Tues, 8:45 - 11:50 am, Muir 163 (West)                                                    

** Sect# 8112:  Tues, 1:30 -  4:35  pm, Muir 163 (West) 


WEEK 12: March 28, 2017   Please come to class prepared!

* Chap. 10, "The Challenge of Parenthood". Read p. 315, "Using Discipline and Punishment Effectively".  Written assignment due:  Choose 1 of the 5 questions at the end of the article and respond in 3-4 sentences/half page with an example from text or from personal experience. 

*  Chap. 15, "The Dissolution of Marriage". Read pps. 480-481, "The Children of Divorce."    This section will be part of a group discussion for points.

*  Point Total Update:   1) There has been an accumulated sub-total of 190 points to-date.    2) The maximum point total for Participation is 50 - to be determined at end of semester.  3) There are close to 115 points (+50) remaining to be earned, which includes the Final.  The approximate total for the course will be 355 (+ or - 5 points).                                                                                                                                     The last day for turning in late assignments is 3/28. Missed in-class exercises cannot be made up. Students who are in need of improving their current standing should meet with the Instructor to work out a study plan, get referral to Writing Center, Tutoring Lab, etc.  

* Encouraging Positive Behavior presentation this week.  Here is link:     Check out the "Free Resources", other Youtube videos. 



* Calendar of Events: Career Development and Transfer Events 

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The Wisdom of  Fred Rogers...

"There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth".                                                    


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Welcome to FAMILY LIFE 131! 










Professor Karen Wells with Mom, son and two granddaughters; photo taken June 2004, 5 months before her Mom died.

What is Family? What is a generation? What is your family of origin? Of procreation? Does everyone have a family?  And who gets to tell the story of the family?  There is a great quote that may be anonymous, but Sesame Street of PBS thrives with these words: "A child's story is yet to be told".

The Family Life 131 course embraces the paradigm of the family "story", its identification and composition, and its evolving structure in today's American society. MJC's Family & Consumer Science Division and Professor Wells invite the students to participate with a willingness to look closely at other perspectives while giving credence to their own experiential knowledge of the family story. It is hoped to be a most worthwhile learning endeavor here at MJC.  Welcome!


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 "HOW did you say I got here????" No way, dude!

I better review Chap 9!!!


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