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FALL 2018 

FAMLF 131 (Click here to go to the Syllabus and Course page)

** Sect #4139  Tues,  8:45 - 11:50 am; MUIR 155 (West)                                                         ** Sect #4157  Tues,  1:30 - 4:35 pm; MUIR 163 (West)                                                                                             

 ***  FALL 2018 SYLLABUS   

+ Link to textbook online study tools:  Log in under "student resources"; review flashcards with terms, concepts, and definitions; and review quizzes. 


WEEK 13:  November 20, 2018  Due to ongoing poor air quality, Modesto Junior College will remain closed through Sunday, November 25. All classes and extracurricular activities on campus are cancelled during this time. MJC will reopen on Monday, November 26.  Here are your assignments:

* * *  Bucketfilling Assignment/Encouraging Positive Behavior assignment link - Due 11/27.    Here is Resource link for activities, learning tools, printable downloads, etc:    

"Three minutes of Bucket Filling" video ..... just an idea of "what it looks like". Or: "Hello Humankindness"(Espanol) and "Hello Humankindness" (English).   Here is idea of what "bucket dipping" looks like:  "Pass the Salt"

***Due: 11/27: Reading/Writing assignment. Chap. 9: "Reproduction and Parenting".  Please scan through chapter and choose a section that resonates with you, or matters to you, either  "Reproduction", or "Parenting". Pay attention to these terms: "Concerted cultivation" and "Accomplishment of natural growth" (p. 375). Does the research support or challenge your thinking? What is the value of the data that can benefit the family or the couple relationship? You can write/type a half-page reflection and must include your reference, please. 

** OR...Here is another option: You will be taking the "Self-Assessment: Parenting Quality in Family of Origin",(p. 377) making sure to read the initial instructions (at top) and the scoring instructions (at bottom)....Hence, some of you will be taking the assessment twice. Review Table 9.1/Baumrind's Parenting Styles at top of pg 378. When you complete the assessment, think about how differently your father parented you compared to how your mother parented you. What does the research show? Write/type a half-page reflection and must include your reference, please. *** Here are "Lecture Notes" which may be helpful in scanning the chapter. 

***** Here is video assignment for week of 11/20:  "Sunshine" documentary (1:12 min) Passcode is FAMLF.  Students will view the film and take note of the narrator's interviews of key members of her adoptive family, her family of procreation, and her birth mother's family, and the contrasts of the three generations. It's a self-portrait of an adopted woman, Karen, driven to search for answers through reconnection with her biological mother, Mary; she takes away a different perspective of her "family story". Written/typed half-page reflection, discussing the one of the different attitudes or perspectives of the "family structure" of Karen's 3 generations. For instance, what process or dynamic between the generations, or between any of the family members resonated with your perspective? Which character or perhaps, which concept, struck a note of familiarity, or of disagreement? Why? What questions of "discovery" resonated with your perspective of "family"?  Explain your thinking, without judgement, but with experience and empathy. DUE 11/27.  This assignment may be emailed to or turned in 11/27. 

 The Wisdom of Fred Rogers...

"There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth".                                                    


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Welcome to FAMILY LIFE 131! 










Professor Karen Wells with Mom, son and two granddaughters; photo taken June 2004, 5 months before her Mom died.

What is Family? What is a generation? What is your family of origin? Of procreation? Does everyone have a family?  And who gets to tell the story of the family?  There is a great quote that may be anonymous, but Sesame Street of PBS thrives with these words: "A child's story is yet to be told".

The Family Life 131 course embraces the paradigm of the family "story", its identification and composition, and its evolving structure in today's American society. MJC's Family & Consumer Science Division and Professor Wells invite the students to participate with a willingness to look closely at other perspectives while giving credence to their own experiential knowledge of the family story. It is hoped to be a most worthwhile learning endeavor here at MJC.  Welcome!

 Three Rules for Daily Happiness!