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SPRING 2018 

FAMLF 131 (Click here to go to the Syllabus and Course page)

** Sect #4379:  Thurs, 8:45 - 11:50 am, MUIR 163 (West)

** Sect #8112:  Thurs, 1:30 - 4:35  pm,  MGLA 101  (West)                                                   



WEEK 11:  March 22, 2018    Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

*** Read over Chap. 14: "Family Crises"; Discussion and in-class exercise - 10 pts.

*** Guest Presentation: Haven Women's Center, March 29th; quiz to follow.

* Point Totals (for assignments and exams) will be posted here this weekend. 


* Completed BUDGET Worksheet: Student will show "Income" and "Expense" columns, with separate listings for "Fixed/Recurring" and "Flexible/Non-recurring" subheadings under "Expenses". Show at least 10 different categories/accounts/items for EACH of the subheadings, with dollar amount for each item, etc.  Dollar amounts may be rounded off. Must show Totals of "Income" and "Expenses", and the net difference.  * Student will add half-page response, single-spaced, written or typed , reflecting on the importance of making a budget, and cite one reference from Chap. 12 that supports your thinking.     10 points.   Sample Monthly Income worksheet         Sample Monthly Expenses worksheet

*** Midterm: Open book/open notes.  No Blue Book necessary. Lined paper, 8 1/2" x 11", cleanly perforated, and blue or black ink pen.  **Will cover terms and concepts from Chaps. 5,6, and 9; STIs, Family Planning, Sexual Health, as presented by Planned Parenthood, and Budget, Chap. 12.  

Choose ONE to complete "Essay" portion:       

     1) What is meant by nonverbal communication? How important is nonverbal communication? (Ch.5)   2) Is cohabitation a good test for future marriage? What evidence can you cite to support your argument? (Ch.6)  3) What do you consider to be the hardest transition from single to married life? (Ch.7)  4) What are the major differences between male and female sexuality? (Ch. 8)  5) Are you ready for children? Why or why not? (Ch.9)

* Calendar of Events: Spring 2018 Transfer schedule  

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 The Wisdom of  Fred Rogers...

"There is no normal life that is free of pain. It's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth".                                                    


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Welcome to FAMILY LIFE 131! 










Professor Karen Wells with Mom, son and two granddaughters; photo taken June 2004, 5 months before her Mom died.

What is Family? What is a generation? What is your family of origin? Of procreation? Does everyone have a family?  And who gets to tell the story of the family?  There is a great quote that may be anonymous, but Sesame Street of PBS thrives with these words: "A child's story is yet to be told".

The Family Life 131 course embraces the paradigm of the family "story", its identification and composition, and its evolving structure in today's American society. MJC's Family & Consumer Science Division and Professor Wells invite the students to participate with a willingness to look closely at other perspectives while giving credence to their own experiential knowledge of the family story. It is hoped to be a most worthwhile learning endeavor here at MJC.  Welcome!